About Us


Alternative Fuel Containers, LLC (AFC) is solely focused on designing, manufacturing and commercializing a conformable fuel tank to power a range of vehicles with cleaner, more abundant Natural Gas. We’re a company with deep connections to an automotive heritage that dates back more than 50 years. Our sister company is KSR International Co., a global leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of an array of products that includes sensors, electronic throttle controls, and adjustable and fixed pedals.


The AFC team is lead by a team of seasoned executives, including:

Dillon FuerthDillon Fuerth, Business Unit Manager, is responsible for guiding the company from proof-of-concept to commercialization. His role involves funding, building relationships with strategic partners and expanding AFC’s engineering resources. Dillon is experienced in developing novel green technologies with an expertise in energy systems and transportation. Prior to AFC, Dillon managed the development in thermal management, waste management, and fuel cell technologies.

Joong LeeJoong Lee, Development Manager, is creating alternative natural gas tank systems using technologies developed by framergy Inc. and Texas A&M University. He has authored patents that will maximize volumetric performance beyond compressed natural gas, as well as rapid refueling performance equivalent to the filling time of gasoline or CNG vehicles. Prior to AFC, Joong invented and developed innovative automotive positioning sensors utilizing simple but elegant technologies.

Enyang WangEnyang Wang, Product Designer, is developing the AFC tank and subsystems by adopting cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. He has authored patents to create a safe, reliable, lightweight, and cost-effective system. Prior to AFC, Enyang published 12 scientific papers in high impact international journals in the areas of automotive body engineering, fracture and fatigue mechanics, and composite materials. He is currently a reviewer for 3 scientific journals of fracture mechanics.