Alternative Fuel Containers, LLC (AFC) technology is based on a conformable tank that’s designed for available vehicle space. Typically, a Natural Gas storage tank is cylindrical in shape, a necessary requirement for storing any gas under pressure. By using MOF nanotechnology an AFC tank allows up to 30% more space for Natural Gas storage. Plus, the internal pressures of our tanks are much lower than those for compressed Natural Gas (CNG).
  • How does AFC do it? When gas is compressed heat is created. The same thing happens during the adsorption process. Efficiently removing heat when filling a tank shortens filling time from hours to a few minutes and maximizes the amount of fuel stored in the tank.
    AFC has a closed-loop filling process that lets the Natural Gas itself carry waste heat away from the tank without the need for a heavy or complex cooling infrastructure.
    Closed-loop filling is done using a network of porous piping that makes multiple passes through the tank’s MOF. This piping bears the mechanical load of the tank’s internal pressure (much lower than CNG).
  • The piping includes internal filtering media to remove impurities that can adversely affect MOF performance. And finally, the piping is a means to add heat, which is required to speed up the fuel removal (desorption) during times of increased engine loading.
    For consumers, the benefits of closed-loop filling lead to a big advantage; using a home-based source of Natural Gas and a single stage of compression (rather than the expensive multiple stages required by CNG), a driver can refuel a vehicle in 5-10 minutes.
    See a short video demo. Click here. >>>