Alternative Fuel Containers, LLC (AFC) is developing Natural Gas storage tanks for a range of motor vehicles that will minimize refuelling time and maximize miles driven per tank. Our tank design uses MOF (metal organic framework) adsorbent to capture Natural Gas at the molecular level. This means an AFC tank will store an amount of fuel comparable to CNG technology but without the limitations of tank shape, compression costs and safety concerns.
  • blue-gas-capAFC’s technology is based on a conformable tank – a tank designed to use available vehicle space rather than the typical cylindrical shape required for storing gas under pressure. Using MOF nanotechnology allows up to 30% more space for fuel storage. Using MOF technology to capture the gas allows the internal pressures to be much lower than CNG.
  • tailpipeWhile AFC is solely focused on conformable tank design, we’ve sprung from a company with an automotive heritage that goes back 50+ years. Our sister company is KSR International Co., a global leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of an array of products that includes sensors, electronic throttle controls, and adjustable and fixed pedals.
  • formulaWe are taking the long view when it comes to commercialization of our tank technology. AFC has partnered with a number of organizations, all leaders in their respective fields, including clean energy, vehicle systems manufacturing, nanotechnology, applied research and automotive engineering and design.